Dr. Sarah's Tentative Calendar for WRC 1010101

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours in the ASULearn need help forum. If you can't make Zoom, select the dropdown item listing only you and I to contact me privately, or the whole class to send a message to everyone! I strive to answer individual questions at least once a day, including the weekends, although I may respond within class. I prefer that you use Zoom hours as it is easier to discuss material in person.
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • What is Due When?

    DUE Date
    hw due by class time, additional activities TBA
    13 Dec from 2-4:30 final project on What is Mathematics during our assigned T/H class time at finals

    1 Dec - Thur exam 3 on Consumer Statistics and Probability

    Geometry of the Earth and Universe

    27 Oct - Thur exam 2 on Geometry of the Earth and Universe

    29 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ earth and universe research
    class: measuring, representing, and applying 2D universes
    27 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn review, finish and turn in geom intro lab
    class: 2D cartoons and Escher perspectives, handout
    26 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn read THoM geom intro
    ▢ ASULearn geom intro practice
    lab: geometry intro lab, folding a parallel
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    22 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn Mathematics: The Most Misunderstood Subject
    class: geo intro, video notes, t-shirt Thur

    Personal Finance and Beyond Algebra

    20 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ prepare for exam and complete any still open items
    class: exam 1 on Personal Finance and Beyond Algebra
    19 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ▢ debrief review problems
    lab: car decisions
    15 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn review practice
    class: car price and rate for car decisions lab Monday, book p. 292, advice, exam study, review from T/H questions, t-shirt Thur, handout geometry packet: handout 1, handout 2, handout 3, handout 4, squishy earth, string and labs for this next module
    13 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn review, finish and turn in home decisions lab
    ▢ ASULearn glossary/wiki
    class: loan 3, credit, themes
    12 Sep - Mon hw due:
    ▢ loan practice
    lab: home decisions, condocarlabsols.xlsx
    8 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn study guide for exam 1
    ▢ ASULearn reflection on personal finance & beyond algebra
    class: loan 2, payday loans, t-shirt Thur
    6 Sep - Tues hw due:
    ▢ read THoM pp. 799-806 loans
    class: loan 1, Excel file
    1 Sep - Thur hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn lump and periodic practice
    ▢ ASULearn Jane and Joan practice
    class: decisions, Excel file, visualization, t-shirt Thur
    30 Aug - Tues hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn review, finish and turn in Monday's lab as a PDF: handwrite Benjamin Franklin's financial legacy
    ▢ ASULearn read THoM pp. 797-799
    ▢ ASULearn periodic payment lottery interactive video
    class: lab review, periodic payments, lump & periodic
    29 Aug - Mon hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn read THoM pp. 793-796
    ▢ ASULearn research real-life rates
    ▢ ASULearn read Benjamin Franklin's Financial Legacy-3 News Article Readings
    ▢ ASULearn read syllabus
    lab: Benjamin Franklin's financial legacy, benf1.xls, 1010 labs
    25 Aug - Thur hw due:
    ▢ ASULearn lump sum practice
    ▢ ASULearn submit handwritten PDF collated
    ▢ add ASULearn profile picture (name/Edit profile)
    ▢ add Zoom profile picture (appstate.zoom.us/Login/Profile/Change) and update to the latest version
    class: earnings, 1010 labs, t-shirt Thur
    23 Aug - Tues hw due:
    ▢ obtain a stand alone scientific calculator (with a yx, xy, or ^ key on it) to bring to all classes and labs. It will also be useful if you bring a phone, computer or tablet that can access webpages for Tues and Thur polling.
    ▢ ASULearn What is mathematics?
    ▢ ASULearn read ThoM ratios
    pp. 545-547 How repeated simple processes result in utter chaos
    p. 561 #48 Calculating percentages
    p. 589 #45 What's the big event?
    ▢ ASULearn percent practice
    class: lump sum earnings
    22 Aug - Mon handouts: What is Due When?, engage 1010, and T/Th Questions and labs for this module
    lab: intro